Kind Words

"Greg Speck is off the chain! His ability to connect with his audience through humor is amazing. Greg's illustrations and stories are outright hilarious! Without question, Greg is a gifted communicator, with a phenomenal talent to "make glad" the human heart through laughter. Yet, after the laughter, and one regains composure, it is quickly discovered that buried beneath Greg's gift of humor--is a treasure chest that is filled with precious jewels of wisdom, and life experience. Greg's insight and perception are firmly rooted in the truth of God's Word."

--Raymond Causey
Pastor, Conference Speaker, Author of "Changing for Good" (IVP)

"Greg is humorous, but hard hitting. He doesn't hold back the truth from students. But more importantly he loves them. I have often seen Greg's eye's filled with tears when he sees young people responding to the Spirit through his messages. He loves kids, understands them, and is able to present a spirit empowered message through an unusual gift of humor, relevance and candor."

--Youth Pastor
Baltimore, MD

"Greg is one of the most engaging and biblically based youth speakers we have ever used at Bethel University. Greg does an outstanding job of communicating spriritual truth and a relevant and applicable way for junior high, senior high, and college students. Greg blends humor, storytelling, and truth in a way that captures the student's attention, enables them to let their guards down, and helps them to see that God has specific answers for their needs and questions."

--Ralph Gustafson
Director of Church Ministries, Bethel University, St.Paul, MN
Jr. High Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Roseville, MN


Student, Chicago, IL

"I love Greg! He is an amazing person! And really knows how to speak and connect with students. I love him!"


Thank you so much for speaking at CFS this week! You greatly affected my life along with many others, thank you so much.

D.C. Everest High School

"I don't think THANK YOU is enough! I was moved and changed and blessed to have heard you speak! "

Student, Wausau, WI

"When we hire a speaker for one of our conferences we are looking for someone who loves kids, can communicate in their language, understands this generation of teens, is engaging, has experience, desires to connect with and minister to students through the whole conference experience--not just the meeting, agrees with our distinctives, and is easy to work with. Greg meets all of these criteria and more. Greg has a very unique combination of humor and depth that really communicates to student's hearts. In addition he is completely available to visit with students during times when he is not speaking. Students know that Greg is real. That he loves and cares for them, because he not only tells them that, but he demonstrates it."

--Chuck Wallace
National Conferences Director; Student Venture