Intern With Me

Each year I pick an individual to travel with me that I mentor as a youth communicator. It is exciting for me because it gives me someone to invest my life in and a traveling partner for accountability.

If you would be interested, here are your requirements:

* You must love Jesus Christ and desire to follow Him.
* You must feel called to youth ministry.
* You must be a person of character.
* You must be out of college (because you have graduated or have decided not to go to college).
* You must be able to speak (I am not going to teach you how to speak but how to improve the gifts and talents that you already have).

If you are interested you need to send me a video tape of you speaking to teenagers. It must be teenagers and it must be within the last year. (Boy I sure have a lot of "musts" in this page).

I also need three character references. These are people that know you well enough to speak about your strengths and weaknesses.

If I choose you, then you will commit to travel with me to two speaking engagements each month from September thru April. I do not charge you anything but you will need to raise enough money to cover your expenses.

Send the video and references to:

Greg Speck
6859 Millbrook Drive
Rockford, IL 61108